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Create individual profile for all vehicles in the fleet with their complete information and the document details.

Manage inventory, maintenance & service schedules, rental agreements and locations of trailers.

Upload, store and manage all relevant documents pertaining to company, assets, drivers, taxes, and any other information deemed important to your day-to-day operations, Easily accessible at any time 24/7/365.

HOS Management, Live Tracking, Accurate Trip Planning, Accuracy in Service Loads, Detailed Reports.

Manage and Update Company information (i.e. drivers, trailers, etc.), Maintain Accurate Data for Partners, Clients, Etc.

HOS, License Renewals, Asset Management and Maintenance, CDL, Job Applications, CSA Scores, Accident Tracking.

Driver Contact List, Vetted Drivers, Match with Drivers based on specified criteria (i.e. availability, routes/locations, licenses, certifications, drug testing, etc.), Temporary Driver Pool.

Track and manage any/all loads from start to finish.

Detailed visual look at all real time movements of your assets.

Easy access to files and documents, MC Certificate access, W9 access, Insurance Certification access, Expiration notifications, Twic Card, Hazardous Materials, Liquor Permits.

Ability to integrate with 3rd party Loadboard, ability to integrate internal loadboard with TRM.

Ability to complete the entire booking process through our system with our dispatch function.

Ability to invoice.

Identify who you want to do/see what when accessing portal, allocate restrictions to designated users based on position, responsibilities, privileges, etc., delegate authority to specified individuals based on information type.

Import data (using .csv file format) from other applications like TMS, WMS, Loadboards, etc. Export up-to-date, real-time data for analysis, improved internal efficiency processes/procedures and job responsibility fulfillment.

Optimized efficiency with easy access to drivers, e-mail campaigns targeting drivers with specified criteria.

Reduced time manually filing paperwork and backend processes with invoice reconciliation and automation, one-click invoice approval, next day pay to optimize road time for driver through our strategic partners.

Increased efficiency with tools to streamline the entire payroll process through our strategic partners.

Simple, affordable, on-line filing (IRS authorized) options for relevant tax forms like IFTA, 2290, 8849, etc., through our strategic partners.

Coming Soon

Easy access to search backhauls, refine searches to align with lane specifications (i.e. drivers, routes, etc.).

One centralized location to quickly and efficiently place and/or send bids to shippers based on preferences, RFP management.

Fuel advances sent directly to card without additional comchek fees, fuel discounts at pump at select fuel provider locations, additional discounts for vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance, through access from our partners with negotiated discounted rates.


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